PRESS RELEASE                                       CONTACT: DR. ROBERT RHODES

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            Preserve Ramapo is proud to endorse James L. Hyer, to fill the vacant seat on the Ramapo Town Council following the resignation of Itamar Yeager. This endorsement was made following a screening process by which the Board of Directors of Preserve Ramapo reviewed the qualifications of all those which publicly are seeking the seat. Commenting on the endorsement, Preserve Ramapo Chairman Robert Rhodes said, “James Hyer is by far the most qualified candidate for this seat on the Town Council as he has the education, experience and drive needed to successfully handle the complex issues faced by the Town,” and continued, “I also believe that James will work hard to unify the community in Ramapo, which has been torn apart in recent elections.”


            James Hyer received the endorsement due to his strong credentials which Preserve Ramapo believes make him the best candidate for this position. As an attorney and Adjunct Professor of Political Science and Public Policy, Hyer has the skills to be an effective councilman. Preserve Ramapo was also impressed with Hyer’s long history of working for the Town of Ramapo on issues ranging from crime prevention as a lieutenant with the Ramapo Auxiliary Police, to environmental advocacy through his work to control train idling with the Spring Valley Concerned Citizens. When asked why he was the best candidate for the vacant seat Hyer commented, “I was always told by my father to judge people on what they do, not just what they say, and I believe that my years of dedicated work for Ramapo speak louder than any words I could now say.” He continued, “During this most important time in Ramapo’s history where decisions will be made that will forever shape our community, I would like to bring the community together to build common ground and make decisions that reflect what is best for Ramapo.” Hyer, who ran for this seat when it was vacated due to the death of Harry Reiss, received the second highest number of votes in a four-way race, falling only behind Itamar Yeager.


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